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What is unique about Torah Ohr?
We understand both the physical and spiritual needs of the typical college student.  We’ll provide you with the opportunity to explore the magnificent Jewish texts in a relaxed comfortable environment.  In addition, you will be introduced to Chassidic philosophy which adds a unique spiritual dimension to the studies. We are joined by many internationally acclaimed lecturers and teachers.  We are located in the warmth of Miami to serve those students not wishing to travel abroad.    We have an experienced board of advisors consisting of both local Florida shluchim as well as campus shluchim across the country dedicated to making this program a sensation

How old is the typical student who studies at Torah Ohr?
Students at Torah Ohr generally range in age from 18 through 27

What if I don’t know Hebrew too well or at all?
Don’t worry.  Our classes range from beginners level to advance.  We will cater to all of our students needs and see to it that you make progress on your own level.  We put an extra special emphasis on building reading skills and teaching you how to learn on your own.  In addition, we have some out of text lecture style classes on special subjects.

I’m not from a Torah Observant background.  Will I fit in?
There is no benchmark for levels of Jewish interest or observance. The program presents a view of Orthodox Judaism. It is a Live and Learn experience; you don’t need to be Orthodox, but you will experience it. Students are encouraged to learn and make decisions about their religious lives independently without any pressure from us.

Do I need to observe Jewish laws here at Torah Ohr?
No, you do not have to be observant, but students are asked to adhere to certain standards while attending the program. These include consistent attendance of all classes, (including prayer), men wearing a Kippah (skull cap) in public, and public observance of Shabbat. Our kitchen and dorms are kept kosher.  We ask students who wish to bring food on our premises to make sure it has a kosher label. 



Is there a part-time study option?
Yes.  Students who live off campus are welcome to come to classes throughout the day which fit their schedule.   Please call us so that we can customize a learning schedule for you.  Please note that students who are there part time will be ineligible for college credit.

Do I need to attend for a whole semester?
No.  However, full time students will receive first choice when it comes to dormitory allotment. If there is available space, students wishing to come for a shorter period of time will be allocated the remaining spots.  Please contact our office to check availability.



Do you offer college credits?
Yes.  Torah Ohr is associated with Yeshiva Gedolah of greater Miami.  See Accreditation

Do you offer scholarships?
Yes.  Scholarships are awarded for academic excellence and financial needs.  See Scholarships.



What will the living accommodations be like?
You will be staying in a beautiful house in North Miami Beach with central air-conditioning. Congregation Magen Dovid where the classes will be held is a short walk away. 3 fresh and healthful meals will be served daily

Are there trips and Shabbatons?
Yes, we will be having various (optional) trips throughout the program including various water sport activities.  A fee may apply.  We will also be visiting some of the Jewish communities located in the State of Florida.