The following curriculum may vary depending on the needs and interests of individual groups and preference of professors and scholars in resident.

Our curriculum includes the textual study of Chumash, Mishna, Introduction to Talmud, Jewish law, and Chassidic thought. In addition to the structured classes, there will be ample opportunities for students to focus study in a particular field of interest with study partners and private learning sessions.

The following curriculum may vary depending on the needs and interests of individual groups and preferences of professors and scholars in resident.


The Talmud is the central text of mainstream Judaism, in the form of a recorded rabbinic discussions pertaining to Jewish law, ethics, philosophy, customs and history. This prolific encyclopedic work is the product of the great study halls of Babylonia, when the Jews were exiled after the destruction of the first Temple. For the analytical mind, this is a great opportunity to participate and contribute to the logic, debate, analysis and reasoning of the Talmud.


The goal of this course focuses on learning the necessary skills to analyze the classic commentaries of the Bible. Explore the Five Books of Moses, and discover how the Bible is a treasured blueprint for guiding human behavior.


Capture the deepest, most abstract and profound mystical concepts of Torah and translate them into a tangible, comprehensive and inspirational application through the study of Tanya - the basic and fundamental guide to Chassidic philosophy, and other Chassidic texts. Confront the marvels and mysteries of life, and explore the deeper meaning of our existence.


Halacha - Jewish law, is Divine Wisdom manifested in our mundane affairs. This course focuses on selected topics including Kashrut, Shabbat, daily practices, and laws relating to Jewish Holidays. Student will be introduced to the basic laws of Jewish lifestyle, and acquire a panoramic understanding of the many dimensions of Torah through studying Halacha on multiple levels.


Guest lecturers and seminars from renowned Torah scholars will cover various topics such as science and Halacha, Maimonides 13 principles of faith, and other areas of Jewish philosophy.