“I have been taking the steps of learning and increasing observance for almost a year and this program was the next step in that process. I had a good experience and plan on going further with my Jewish education .” -Ede Bundity, University of Wisconsin

“Manis Friedman has really impacted my life. The South Beach Yeshiva students were also inspirational. The program had an overall great effect on my Judaism.” -Gene Ivanov, UCLA

"I really liked getting to know other Jewish students from across the country and interacting with members of the North Miami Beach community. I’ve always been interested in the idea of studying at a Yeshiva, and coming to this program enabled me to experience this lifestyle (learning, praying etc) which has appealed to me. This program really showed me that all Jews have an inner connection to each other and to special love to our heritage which just needs to be revealed." -Adrian Somner, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"I learned Talmud here more clearly then I ever have in my whole life thanks to the small student to faculty ratio and wonderful and dedicated staff." -Charlie Carnow, USC

"I have had a decent amount of Jewish background by going to Yeshiva elementary school. This program has enhanced my faith and belief in Judaism by teaching me the essential building blocks of having faith in G‑d, concept of spirituality and learning the holy text of chumash, gemara etc." -Pedrame Kohanbash, Stony Brook

"My connection to G‑d has been strengthened by this trip. The Rabbis and  yeshiva students made me realize how special it is to be a Jew. The study of Torah put a smile on my face. This program has motivated me to continue the study of Torah in the future." -Michael Levi, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"During these ten days I developed a love for Torah study and Jewish traditional practice. I aspire to have such a lifestyle in the future." -Sohail Malkoukian

"This program was great. It gave me the opportunity to learn Torah in a friendly and encouraging environment as well as the chance to participate in joyous activities such as the trips to the beach, and spending a the Sabbath with the North Miami Beach community." -Joseph Insler, University of Miami

 “I come from a pretty religious family and was exposed to Judaism a lot as a teenager but slowly lost touch. This 10 day program really helped me get back in touch with Judaism.” -Brian Massey, Berkeley

 "Rabbi Storfer, I would just like to thank you for the opportunity that you gave me to further connect to my roots. I gained tremendously from this experience and have especially developed a love for the Mitzvah of Tefillin which I can assure you that I perform it every morning. As time goes by I see that I must still be processing information from the experience and I don’t believe I can express how much this program has affected me. The trip was a huge success, and everything ran very smoothly. May you continue impacting Jews and helping them reveal their true purpose in life. I request that you lecture more in future programs because your passion and fire is a beautiful sight." -Eli Asher Luft, University of Miami