Please read through the following information before filling out your online application.


Tuition for the Miami Torah Experience is:

Fall Semester: $9000

Spring Semester: $9000

Summer/Winter Programs: $1800


Scholarships are available for students currently enrolled in a university.  Scholarship awards are determined based on a good application, great references, and are for students who have a limited exposure to traditional Jewish study and are eager to learn and explore more.

Students enrolled in a College associated with Chabad on Campus are eligible to apply for a $500 reduction in the cost of the tuition and a stipend which will cover airfare.

Please note: this is an independent scholarship not under the jurisdiction of the Miami Torah Experience and we do not have a say as to who will be approved.  

Our admissions committee will do everything possible to make this program open to every eligible student, regardless of their financial situation. 

You must submit the online application to be considered for a scholarship. 

*Scholarship awards are competitive and there are a fixed number of scholarships available so the earlier in the process you complete your application, the more likely you are to receive a scholarship.*

Applications are accepted year-round.

Notification of scholarship awards will be made by email.  Once you have been accepted, you will be required to mail in your tuition and contract within 7 days to reserve your place.  In the event of a waiting list, MTE reserves the right to give away spots of those students who don't confirm their attendance by the proper deadline. 

For further assistance please: 

Email us or call 786-286-9770.


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