Program Objective

Our objective is to provide a deep understanding of Torah teachings, through a meaningful experience of traditional Jewish lifestyle. If you are an undergraduate or graduate student with minimal or no background in Torah learning, this program is for you. The Miami Torah Experience offers you the opportunity to explore the contemporary relevance of Torah study and Jewish observance in a relaxed atmosphere in North Miami Beach, Fl.

The program is designed to combine intense academic study with opportunities for cultural, physical and recreational activities. Both your body and soul will enjoy a blend of structured  classes,tutorials, student–faculty forums and guest
lecturers complemented by music, water activities and sports.


Full scholarships are available for students. Admission will be selective based on sincerity, academic excellence and limited exposure to Torah study and Jewish observance.

Program Curriculum

The program curriculum includes introduction to Talmud, Jewish law, Chumash and Chassidic thought. In addition to the structured courses, the program will provide ample opportunities for a student to pursue his particular learning style.

Faculty and staff will be available for tutorials, private consultations and informal discussions. Distinguished guest lecturers will periodically address the student body on topics of special interest.


The professors, mentors, and administrators of the Miami Torah Experience are scholars dedicated to sharing the deeper meaning of Judaism with groups of serious students who can in turn come to appreciate the depth and value of a Torah-true lifestyle.

MTE Director Rabbi Immanuel Storfer has successfully lead the Ivy League Torah Study Experience and is passionate about once again offering this opportunity. Joining him will be noted scholars and lecturers, including Rabbis Manis Friedman, Avraham Korf, Leib Schapiro, Sholom Ber Lipskar, Yosef Marlow and Mendy Fellig.